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  • Apple iPhone 3G Product Review

    Apple iPhone 3G Product Review

    The Apple iPhone 3G, weighing 133g and measuring 62.1 x 12.3 x 115.5mm may be the 3rd evolution launched after the previous 2G models, not with much difference though between it and its two predecessors. Based on three main concepts, namely as being a phone, an iPod as well as an internet browser, this model, that continues to be added the 3G functionality, a GPS mapping system and the well-known Microsoft exchange, has been made to focus mainly on business purposes.

    As a whole, the iPhone 3G possesses UMTS, HSDPA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPS and Bluetooth+EDR technologies for connectivity. The headphone socket has been changed and you will are now using any headphones you want with this particular iPhone 3G. However, neither the outer look nor the software has changed almost as much ast when compared with its first couple of launches. It has exactly the same design and the same iPhone interface. The few changes range from the grey metal back plate which has been replaced by an either black or white plastic curved back and the added chrome finish quietly controls. Moreover, the battery, though bigger than the original ones, don't give a better performance not surprisingly. It possesses exactly the same 8Gb and 16Gb chip memory and it has the same two megapixel camera.

    On the other side, in addition to this era, 3rd party applications is now able to easily accessible as iTunes App Store has been launched to facilitate the purchase of paid-for and free add-on software.

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    The three.5 inch 480 x 320 colour TFT multi-Touch display lets you control everything whatever the rotation from the screen whether or not this being portrait or landscape together with your fingers whether you flick, tap, pinch to type, scroll or glide through its various applications.

    Dotted with the HSDPA (High-speed Downlink Packet Access) technology, the iPhone 3G allows data download over any UMTS networks (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System networks), thus a faster browsing as compared to utilizing an EDGE network. Nevertheless even without the a 3G network, the connection to a 2G EDGE network continues to be feasible for data and GSM for calls. Connectivity can thus be either 3G, EDGE or through WI-FI. iPhone 3G will seamlessly detects the quickest one to connect with.

    Another great improvement is the Global positioning system added. Wherever you are, how well you're progressing while you move around the world could be tracked through an A-GPS (Assisted GPS) mapping system, thus giving you the results faster as compared to an ordinary GPS. iPhone 3G will calculate your situation using whenever present either signals from satellites, Wi-Fi hot spots or cellular towers. If you prefer a guided route, all you have to do would be to indicate a destination; the GPS will highlight the route on the map and even allows you to follow your progress with live viewing.

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    Moreover, email has never so much easier on the mobile. iPhone 3G supports rich HTML email and everything is displayed within their original format, not as stripped down versions and also the same pertains to web surfing delivered by Safari. Installed Microsoft Exchange enables push email, synchronization of calendar, notes and contacts while accessing secure resources as Cisco IP VPN and WPA2 Enterprise support happen to be included.

    Added by Noah & Denny on Wed, Jul 4th 2012